Welcome to Kentron Intellect Research Vault ( KIRV ), a unique information outpost of advanced details from beneath the depths of the Earth to beyond the stars enabling clearer understandings for future generations.

KIRV Knowledgeability Briefs ( KB )

KIRV may not be the first place researched, however its host carries 40-years of unique knowledgeability from in-field studies, observations, collections, research, analysis and predictives providing  certain details cleverly hidden in plain sight within its KIRV Knowledgeability Briefs ( KB ) holding special keys to unlocking a broad spectrum of intelligence information from archeo-archaic, prehistoric, historic, legacy and current affairs to predictive analytics capturing global interests from the private sector, academia, associations, organizations, governments, professionals, retirees, students, and others.

KIRV KB primarily presents quoted texts, document images, photos, diagramatics, maps, charts, graphs, audio and video broadcasts obtained from official government sources and officially recognized ‘publicly reliable information sources’ of reference links thereto plus journalistic remarks serving to only ‘enhance public comprehension’ surrounding certain complexities.

KIRV provides only factually proven information garnered through arduous research in adherence to strict principles in obtaining information from official sources and peer professionals confirmed by no less than two ( 2 ) independent factually proven and vetted reliable sources. While technical data varies amongst professionals, only those held in good standing by peers, prominent universities or officially recognized organizations may be additionally relied upon.

KIRV additionally substantiates information via its hosted private global intelligence database network providing documentary support material from proprietary files through additional courtesies extended by global information contractors.

KIRV does not ascribe-to nor provide public platforms for doomsday prophets, radical religious ideologs, internet denizen conspiracy theorists or any other trending beliefs inconsistent-with or contrary-to ‘proven facts’ relied-on or under consideration-by high-level quality professionals and or specialists within target-specified fields appropriately tasked.

Unique Search

KIRV KBs contain some ‘keywords’ found within the KIRV ‘website search engine’ enabling special information gathering abilities for the public whom rarely find such special provisions elsewhere either because of a variety of limitations and / or restrictions hampering such data-mining research.

KB Feedback

KIRV Knowledgeability Brief ( KB ) ‘feedback’ provides global exchanges of thought provoking detailed insight based on combined unique theories, observations, experiences and concepts generating stimulating comments from quality like-minded individuals worldwide.

KB Updates

KIRV KB updates are automatically supplied at no charge ( gratis ) to anyone registering at this website to “Get KIRV Updates.”

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